For information on purchasing the MadCatz Panther and Panther XL please visit MadCatz, Home of the Panther XL

Klingon Honor Guard 12/03/98

We have added configuration files and setup information for Klingon Honor Guard.
Check it out in the
Game Setups area.

Need new Bearings? Broken Spring? 12/02/98

Clan A3D may have something you may need. Check out the PantherXL/Panther/Assassin 3D replacement parts kit. This kit is not sponsored by either FPgaming or Madcatz but may be just what you are looking for. These kits are limited in quantity so get yours now.

Panther XL now available at the Gamespy Black Market 11/24/98

MadCatz has reached an agreement with the people at PlanetQuake to sell the PantherXL, online in the Gamespy Black Market.  If you are looking to purchase a new PantherXL this is a great place to pick it up.

Half-Life 11/19/98

We have added configuration files and setup information for the Half-Life Demo.
Check out the
Game Setups area.

Heretic 2 Information 10/26/98

We have added configuration files and setup information for the Heretic2 Demo.
Check out the
Game Setups area.

Winner of the Panther XL from the Cobra Beta Survey 10/21/98

Bonnie Wolford from Grants Pass, Oregon is the prize winner of a brand new Panther XL. Thanks go out to all of you that filled out the survey form, the information is greatly appreciated.

New PantherXL Review scores 8.7 "BETTER than a Mouse" 10/15/98

Purified3d reviews the Panther XL and rates it a 8.7 out of 10. George 'Coyote' Paps took a look at the Panther XL and was impressed enough to say
Well, it turns out the Panther XL is not your regular joystick. As you see in the picture, it also features a 3D controller, a trackball based on the Assassin 3D technology (acquired by MadCatz, btw) which behaves BETTER than a mouse."

See the full Review and All Reviews

ClanA3D, Teaching the world about the FPgaming A3D Technology 9/30/98

ClanA3D really struts it's stuff, this clan has really been cooking. Currently 5th place in the Online Gamers League Q2 Deathmatch Tournament. Also, over at the Champions League the Clan is ranked at 23. If you have not checked out these awesome A3D/PXL users, head on over to the website and say hi.

Panther XL Contest and Cobra Beta Sign up Form 9/30/98

Driving Game Survey and Cobra Beta Sign-up The survey is finished, Thanks to all those that participated. The winner of the Panther XL will be announced this Friday. Beta Testers will be notified via Email. Updated 10/6/98

Madcatz Panther user Scunion wins Beatdown for the fourth time! 9/21/98

Scunion (Mark Stottlemyre) wins the Beatdown tournament for a fourth time in a row using his Madcatz Panther and CH Joystick combo. !! Way to go Scunion-Man !!
Download the Demo and the Map (when available) If the links are broken you can get them from the Beatdown Archives.

StarSiege Tech Demo 9/17/98

View the Starsiege Team.  What a great bunch!The Guys and Gals over at Dynamix have really done it this time. They added just the right amount of support into Starsiege to make all us Mech-Maniacs happy. Check out the Supported Games List for links to the Alpha Tech Release #2 with Panther and PantherXL support. While Downloading check out the Starsiege Players Website. To the crew at Dynamix, Thanks!

FPgaming Delphi Forum 9/4/98

FPgaming is pleased to announce the creation of a Discussion Forum over at Delphi. The FPgaming Delphi Discussion Forum is a place where anyone can post messages and questions. Our Technical Support staff will be monitoring the messages to help with any problems and provide tips for getting the most out of your FPgaming Product. Visit the Delphi Forum

Web Site Update 9/3/98

BattleZone made it to the Supported Games list. Gamer's Corner was updated with a link to a video of the PantherXL in action.

FPgaming releases new Drivers 8/31/98

The previous Beta Tests went extremely well so we have decided to release the drivers to the public. Get your copy today. The new driver set includes enhanced support for the Diamond MonsterSound and Aureal Reference (A3D) Sound Cards. For you Blood players we added in the Alternate Fire command, see the Blood setup page.

Madcatz Panther user wins Beatdown for the third time in a row. 8/18/98

Click for a larger imageScunion (Mark Stottlemyre) wins the Beatdown tournament for a third time in a row using his Madcatz Panther and Ch Joystick combo. Has anyone else won the Quake 2 Tourney 3 times in a row?
Click the image on the right to see the grand prize, the Big Bag Of Chips. The Guy holding the chips is Bastard (Beatdown sponsor) and Scunion is the guy on the left in the bluish shirt. Now that is a big bag of chips!
Download the Demo and the Map If the links are broken you can get them from the Beatdown Archives.

Linux Joystick Driver 8/18/98

Many thanks to Vojtech Pavlik for creating A3D Drivers for Linux systems. Here is a snippet from his email to us.

Oh, and the joystick-1.2.8 package that was released by me a couple days ago has full A3D device support. You can get it at: Or read about it at:
It is also referenced at: and

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