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Founded in 1994, First-Person Gaming, Inc.(FPgaming) is a leading developer of "first-person perspective" entertainment peripherals. The company's first design was the Logitech WingMan Warrior. The award-winning WingMan Warrior has been personally endorsed by John Romero; co-creator of Quake, DOOM and Heretic.

Take a look at our Online Portfolio for a complete listing of our product line.

The company occupies a suite of offices in Fremont, CA. The company is privately held and financed and has had 3 profitable years of operation.

The Management Team

James C Barnes, CEO
Slays dragons, dreams up great new controllers, hard-core gamer

James founded FPgaming in 1994 after inventing and profitably bringing to market several innovative PC game devices for the entertainment and virtual reality markets. James' areas of expertise include leading the development of new product concepts, marketing new product launches and negotiating strategic and technological alliances. Prior to FPgaming, James was the Business Unit Manager of Logitech’s Entertainment and Virtual Reality Division. James has over 15 years of engineering and marketing experience and a lot more than that obsessed with games.
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Vincent W Savoldi, Technical Support Engineer, WebMaster
If it's a computer, I've played with it.

Vince joins FPgaming with 3 years of technical support/trainer/technical writer experience and many more in other walks of life. Vince is responsible for all technical support and for managing beta-trials and the Support area of the web site. He loves computers and has been hooked on them since 1985. He loves pushing 'em to their limits and knows all those arcane ins and outs. If you have a technical problem, Vince is the one you want to talk to!
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Jeffery Douglas, Senior Project Manager

Jeff has joined FPgaming as our Senior Project Manager. This guy has a tough job keeping all of us in line and on schedule. Expect more news here in the near future.

Additional Professional Staff

FPgaming employs a network of independent contractors whose individual areas of specialization bring added flexibility and depth to the company’s range of design services and ensure that FPgaming is able to respond quickly and effectively to client needs.

First-Person Gaming, Inc.
39510 Paseo Padre Parkway
Suite 360
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone(510) 494-2033
Fax: (510) 494-2037

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