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FPGaming Website
With the exception of the Main Front page and the portfolio overlays, I created all of these pages by hand in 1997-1998.

A3D Radio Website Archive

This information is what is left of a page I made about TSO
The Sims Online was my first MMO, it was kind of like playing The Sims but with real people. A few years ago they tried to update TSO and I guess people stopped playing because they closed it down shortly after the change.


I tried a few other MMO's until I landed at WOW. I played WOW for quite a long time, made a few different charactors. For almost 8 months i was the Guild Leader for a Leveling guild called WAR MACHINE we actually had a great guild with lots of good people. The WAR MACHINE Web Page was quite fun for the guild. When my machine started spontaneously re-booting i was not able to play for a couple months and the guild basically fell apart. I handed off leadership and by time I had build my new machine the guild has pretty much dissolved. I quit a few weeks later and went to another server to play with some other friends.

Here are some Local Images I have stored here from the WAR MACHINE days. A few headers I made and more ingame images.












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