Welcome to Panther's Paradise Roomate Readme File

We do not have roomates (roomies) here. 
This is a Bed and Breakfast, yes a business, I do accept boarders. 
Rent for boarding here is just some of your online time spent hosting the 
house. No money is asked for or expected at this time.

You are welcome to board here as long as you read this entire document and 
are happy with the situation as it exists for new roomates/boarders. Over time 
we may become friends and things change. (this is a game so we all should 
be having a good time)

Boarders should be aware of the following...
This is an adult residence. If you are under 20 the chances are high that you 
will not enjoy boarding here. I am 43 and the boarders range from around 20 
and up. You should not become a boarder or roomate just because you think 
you need to live somewhere. Spend a few days to learn the game a little and 
make some friends. You can eat and sleep and clean at just about every 
house you visit. And you are always welcome to come to Panther's Paradise 
BBC for all your greening needs.

Rules for Boarders to follow.
No Building allowed. No structural changes. No Windows or Doors changes.

If a room is available, you may decorate your room as you like. You may 
change the floors and wallpaper as you like. Please do not use the Shift 
option with the wallpaper, a bug may paint the entire house to your wallpaper 
and can be a bitch to fix. :)

Please cook real food for the guests (it is cheeper and faster to cook 2 meals 
for the guests than to clean and setup a buffet)

Please treat the guests with kindness and clean items as needed.
If you see something broken let me know. I have high mech and fixing things 
is fast and easy for me.

This residence is for sale. (current asking price is 50k)
I like building houses and I want to become a free lance builder. Who ever 
may purchase the lot may or may not want to keep you as a roomie/boarder.
When the lot sells, you will find that you have been kicked out so that the 
new owner can take possession. Remember the following quoted line as you 
will need to tell it to me in order to become a boarder to signify that you have 
read and agree to this document. "if aaa=0 then bbb else abb" That is the 
2nd move to coding when you use the chart. And basically this text is just to 
fool the peeps that push to the bottom of a document to find the hidden 
code. On with the fluff, remember it is a game and your supposed to have fun.

Talking about CODE, there are instructions available on my website that 
include a CODE chart. www.vsavoldi.com 

Once the property sells, I plan on moving around visiting my friends and 
building for other people. At that time I may need someone to house sit a 
property that I would like to build. This would be just to keep the property 
alive so I can build another design from scratch. Ideally I would love to build a 
4 lot set that looks cool from the neighborhood view but that will be a very big 
project and a lot of time to accomplish.

You will find that I have a very different sense of humor. I really like to help 
smart people and you will see that I can be quite rude to the stupid people of 
the world. 

Panther X is the Sim and Vince is the User, and yes, they have different 
personalities, likes and dislikes.